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Funny Mother Quotes 2019


Funny Mother Quotes for fun-loving moms, children of moms, and all fans of the maternal colonel. As Phyllis Diller famously said, “Always be nice to your children, because they’re the ones who will choose your rest home.” Funny Mother Quotes Group 1 If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant’s […]



Mother’s Day is under 1 month away and we are getting ready to shower mom with love & funny quotes this year. Because we all know mom loves a great quote. We’ve come up with 20 hilarious Happy Mothers Day Quotes to help us in the process… And because coming up with the quotes is […]

25 Funny Mother’s Day Cards That Will Automatically Make You Her Favorite


You’re already planning to pamper Mom with some heartfelt gifts and breakfast in bed. Now all that’s missing is the perfect card. You could go the sentimental Hallmark route, but that’s no fun. Instead, choose a greeting that’s as funny as she (thinks she) is. These picks will have you both laughing ’till you cry. […]

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The Love between a Mother and Daughter Sayings

Here in this section, we’ve compiled Best Mother To Daughter Quotes and Sayings about sweet Relationship of Mom and Daughter. As we know that the mother-daughter relationship is one of the strongest bond in the world that only mothers and daughters can understand. Sometimes mothers are the best friends for the daughters and she is very caring […]